Ponies, Purity, and Prayers

I loved the My Little Pony cartoon growing up as a little kid, so you can imagine the thrill when my daughter expressed a similar interest in the current interpretation of the franchise. The names of the horses are so interesting, and Eden loves coming up with different situations for her little figurines from Walmart; the imagination of a child never ceases to amaze me!

The other night during bedtime prayers, I mentioned something about the girls’ being aware to guard their hearts with a mind of purity, and I was completely caught off guard when Eden asked if purity was the name of a My Little Pony. My mind raced for a way to explain to a three year old what purity was… After assuring her that Purity would actually be an excellent name for an equestrian hero, I told her that it was also a way of looking at things so that your lens was consistent with good thoughts and intentions.

I think I lost her at the word ‘lens’ (she is three, after all), but I could tell that a seed was planted when it came to the idea of a moral mindset that would guard and protect her fragile little heart (or offer consolation once she grew up and understood the way of things). I can’t control the different ways that the retention of information is stored in her mind, but I can facilitate an understanding that things will make sense to her once she’s able to compartmentalize them through her life experiences and that she should just enjoy being a kid.

Man… life really makes you think, doesn’t it?

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