Feminism, #WomensHistoryMonth, and a Glass Ceiling

It’s #WomensHistoryMonth and there’s no better time than the present to go over what some of the key points are when it comes to educating both genders about feminism. From what I can gather, feminism is a refusal to cater to the preferences of masculine opinion or society based on traditional gender roles. Profitable feminism seeks out solutions for current issues such as the gender pay gap, campus sexual assault, and accessibility to childcare and health care. It was announced today that a second United State of Women Summit is to be held in May to discuss these issues by leading feminists and activists like Jane Fonda, #MeToo Movement founder Tarana Burke, and former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth. Amazing, awesome… that’s how change starts and awareness is increased…

There is a lot of insight that can be gained from a gender that can bleed for an entire week out of a month and have mood swings be the worst that can be said about them. Women have always seen things differently than men. So much so, the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray has become synonymous with the communication gap between the genders. Why exactly do we look at the world and each other as male and female between a glass ceiling? Here’s my analytical understanding of it based on 35 years of human experience up to this point: the government and leading institutions are controlled by a “fellowship of brethren,” if you will. It comes across to me that from a man’s perspective, women are only beneficial to do the dirty work and look as pretty as possible while doing it. It’s deeply engrained within men to have the last word and use their strong, intimidating presence to emotionally shrink confidences with any mental disarmament possible in an effort to cause insecurity and withdrawal. It’s usually just a basic word or glance, but it’s how things like the pay gap become validated within a league of extraordinary gentlemen making decisions about gender equality while smoking cigars and talking about how often women are prone to change their minds and wring their hands.

As a new mother, my increasing awareness concerning the hurdles (and also advantages) my daughter will have to navigate once she’s able to spread her wings and explore on her own, is being directed to the systems that are currently and will be in place to secure equal footing so as to evolve beyond a society that can mirror, more closely than not, a Neanderthal breeding ground over a republic.

The future is female…

Click here to watch a collection of TED Talks on modern feminism.

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